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Lessons in these classes focus on fundamental painting skills (line, form, value, shape, and color) while at the same time incorporating concepts that are fun, engaging, and relates to the interests of the student.

This course is designed to introduce the basic elements of painting to students with little/no experience to those with more advanced skills. Students will work with oil paint and explore the many ways paint can be handled. Instructions will be given on preparation of materials and specific exercises will be given so that students will explore color, light, texture, transparency/impasto, and composition. Exercises will become more complex as students work from initial sketches to more developed pieces. While working to gain an understanding of painting medium the student is challenged to translate concepts into visual images that work. Demonstrations of different techniques will be given. At each class, students will be helped and critiqued on an individual basis. Students of various skill level and pace are welcome to join.

About Michael:

  • Over 15 years experience professionally teaching

  • A credentialed California high school/junior high school teacher.

  • A professional gallery artist. Involved in Santa Cruz County Arts Council Open Studios, festivals, and exhibitions. 

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